Some Nutrition Rules I Live By

I get asked all the time how I eat or how I recommend to eat and I always find myself saying the same things each time. So I decided to put some of the nutrition rules I go by on a daily bases no matter what. By living this way it keeps my eating very clean and thus my body very healthy. I hope you also will adopt all or some of my nutrition rules. 1) OILS TO USE: Use Coconut and/or Macademia Nut Oil that is both organic and unrefined. Recommended brands, in order of quality, are Nutiva(sold locally & online), Tropical Traditions(sold only online), Mountain Rose Herbs(sold mostly online), Spectrum(sold locally & online). You can also use Extra Virgin Olive Oil as long as it is cold pressed from the first batch. If it is not cold pressed or if it does not say it is from the first batch then do not consume it. NEVER HEAT OILS! Only use them for salads and foods after you cook them.

2) WHEN POSSIBLE ORGANIC IS ALWAYS BEST: Let's debunk the "organic is so expensive" notion right away. It's not. It may be a 10-50 cents more, but well worth it. We either pay now or we pay later. We want to eat without any chemicals, even though you do not see them, they are there. No matter how good you wash your produce you will never be able to wash off the fertilizer or genetic alterations as well as all pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides from your food. Each of those are extremely estrogenic to your body which means your estrogen as well as your cortisole(stress hormone) will spike and thus storying fat as well as making our immunity extremely low. Besides the fact that you need to eat 5 or more times as much conventionally grown foods to organic. So that being said, let's avoid conventional as much as possible.

3) WHEN POSSIBLE FRESH IS ALWAYS BEST: The more alive your food is the more nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc.) it will have for your body to absorb and benefit. You will frequent certain stores more often, but the flip side is that you will come home with amazingly fresh foods. I actually LOVE food shopping cause I know my family is going to eat fresh healthy foods. We usually go every 2 or 3 days to get more food. Sometimes we go every day depending on the food we want and the availability of it. Shopping for fresh food is fun and in the end you actually spend the same amount of money than if you buy all at once. However you do it, do try to get the freshest and simply consume before it goes bad. A lot of times if we have something going bad soon we'll either toss it into a smoothie or our food processor, grind everything up together, and then have it in a wrap with avocado and portabella mushroom.

4) SPICES: You may cook with any spice you would like, except salt. Most food are fine on their own without added salt. If you do use salt I highly recommend Himalayan Sea Salt. It's a pretty pink color and tastes pretty good too.

5) MODERATION OR WHAT? The amounts of your meals and food combinations are just as improtant, if not moreso, as the food choices themselves.

6) MEAT: When it comes to meats, look for pasture raised(which simply means not grain fed), grass fed when available(Whole Foods(some can be 3/4 grassfed & last 1/4 of their life grainfed- beware), Trader Joes(good pricing), local food co-ops in your area(best pricing)), wild caught fish only, and meat raised without any antibiotics or hormones. Just like the fertilizers and pesticides on produce, those are extremely estrogenic to your body. Additionally, most conventionally raised animals are fed conventionally grown grains, soy(also extremely estrogenic), etc which then means you will not only be eating the meat that are plugged with all the estrogenic crap, but also the animals ate that themselves and that will effect your body as well. As for the fish, the goal is higher fat and the ones in the program have that. Shell fish do not, but any wild caught (non-shell) fish will do if the ones listed in the program are not to your exact liking.

8) WHERE SHOULD I GET MY GRUB? Great question! I recommend stores such as Fruitful Yield, Sprouts, Whole Foods, Woodman's, Trader Joes, Fresh Markets, local Farmer's Markets, join local food co-ops in your area(food is of the highest quality & you'll be supporting your local farmers). If you follow Rule #3 you will frequent them more often, but come home with some of the most amazing and nutrient dense foods ever.

9) I'M A CHOCO-HOLIC! [like] When buying and eating chocolate be sure it does not contain soy(usually in the form of lecithin) or dairy. A great every day solution is to get the Fair Trade(soy and dairy free) 80% dark chocolate from Whole Foods or Vivani dark bars online. I buy them in bulk that way.

Then you can eat it all you want and not feel guilty. The entire bar has only 10g of sugar so you can eat half of it, like I do, every day and get lots of healthy fat from it and loads of amazing antioxidants too. In fact cacao is the highest in equal amounts of both antioxidants and healthy fats of any food in the entire world. When they say "An apple a day keeps the doctor away", you can actually say that and mean it when you eat the 85% dark chocolate bar without dairy or soy.

Well I hope my Nutrition Rules help you and if you have any questions leave me a comment. I love hearing from you. :)

R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!