Smash N Grab

One can never have too many posts with the title and theme dedicated to that of AC/DC's great music.  To keep with this theme trend as of late I make mention to one of their newest songs off of the most recent album called: "Black Ice". 

My kettlebell practice today was appropriately smashing and grabbing new PRs.  My progress is going very well.

10 Min. OALC @ 24kg and 8rpm
This went very well and I felt great afterward.  This was a big, big jump from even just a couple weeks ago when I was only at about 5rpm and would never have made the 10 min. mark.

4 Min. OALC @ 24kg and 10rpm
This also was really strong for me.  I was going to do a set of jerks, but decided to save myself for tomorrow's Interdenominational Intergalactic Kettlebell Challenge contest.  That should be interesting to say the least as I have never gone 10 min. back to back with both Snatches and One Arm Long Cycle.  Interesting translates into FUN of course.

South Mountain Run/Hike on the Telegraph Pass Trail
This was the icing on the cake for me today.  I smashed another PR with my time on this.  I ran further than I ever had during the start of this trail hike.  The elevation gain is pretty good and I felt strong the whole way.  On the way down I decided to jog the entirety of it and made it without falling on my face like I did last time.

Ok so I'll tell the story.  The beginning of this hike, for me, is always a run.  Not that I care much, but luckily no one was around when it happened.  I was almost to the spot where I start walking due to the elevation.  I was feeling pretty cool as I picked up the pace a little bit while listening to some U2.  Then out of nowhere I just face-planted.  I mean I slide into first like I was gonna be thrown out.  Fortunately I didn't get hurt and even my pride was quickly cleaned up off the desert floor.  There was no warning at all or even any rocks that I could see to trip me up.  My own two left feet just did the duty.  As quickly as I fell I popped back up so that in case there might have been some on-lookers I could continue to look cool as I jogged on brushing off what just happened.

Ah the fun times of public exercise. 

Oh and please don't be mad by the choice of my pic for this post.  Of course it has nothing to do with really anything at all except for the title of the album itself.  Mmm Hmmm...  Honest!

R. Garon

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