Shredded Rainbow Paleo Protein Salad

Last night we had a totally scrumptadidliumshous meal that was one of the most colorful and most flavorful dishes I've ever put in my mouth. This is a completely paleo meal too. If you want awesome energy then this meal is for you.

Ingredients .5 cucumber 1 large carrot .25 head of cabbage .25 red onion .25 head of broccoli 2 large stalks celery 1 small beet 4 beet leaves 1 apple 1 cup pecans

Directions Dice, chop, and/or shred all the above ingredients and mix together.

1 large yellow onion, chopped 1lb pastured sausage 1lb grassfed beef

Sautee the onions and meat in some coconut oil, add your garlic seasoning to taste, and pour on top of salad. Absolutely Delicious!

DEFINITELY leave me a comment below once you try it and what you think.