Sara Lieber Achieves Master of Sport

At this past weekend's Kettlebell Competition at the Turtle Creek Casino in Traverse City, Michigan we had the extreme pleasure to watch one of Ken Blackburn's, of the IKFF, athletes achieve something few in the U.S. have done. I just want to say that I personally take no credit in Sara's coaching. I'm simply paying her tribute on my blog for her tremendous dedication to Girevoy Sport and her amazing performance.  You are an inspiration to all of us, males and females, Sara!

This was absolutely an amazing experience to witness. Sara is so strong and a natural athlete. She needed 90 reps with the 53lb kettlebell inside of 10 minutes in order to meet her goal. It almost looks effortless for her to put up that 24kg bell 103 times. Wow!

Awesome job Sara and thank you again for your inspiration and motivation to all of us at Team Synergy!!!