No Resolutions!

no resolutions2014 is upon us and we are going to make some BIG BOOMS.

This year we commit to deciding to make the necessary changes to experience real results in our lives... not just for a few weeks, but we are going to once-and-for-all MAKE this stick!

January we get started with the launching of our annual 1st theme of the year called: "MY REVOlution".

Our Mantra is this: There is NO NEW YEAR'S RESOlution. There is a LIFETIME REVOlution!


We resolve to bring ourselves to a lifestyle where our minds and bodies are going to be healthy, fit, and undergo continual change rather than only for a couple months and then the towel is tossed in.

Alongside each of our monthly workout themes you will see seminars, workshops, nutrition & physical challenges, and more.

Each month we have it packed with health & fitness success opportunities for you to make your 2014 super successful and BOOM!!

Remember to always visit our our Synergy Kettlebell Members Page to give you fast access to what we have going on, easy navigate our calendar to RSVP for your Synergy Yoga, Synergy X-Treme, and Insanity classes. Also log onto and view everything we give you in our Synergy nutrition meal plans & recipe download section.

I hope you have an amazing New Year holiday and I can't wait to see you at Synergy to launch 2014 with a BOOM!!!

Committed to your best health,

Bob Garon