Remember What This Is...

I gave out a card this week to my Kettlebell Kampers that was printed on biz card stock. So it was that size. On it were 168 black lines and 3 red ones in the middle of the bunch. 168 represents the number of hours in a week. 3 red lines represents the average amount of time someone spends with me at the gym getting their Skinny Strong Kettlebell fat blasting on. The purpose was to keep perspective and provide a tool for doing so ongoing. The perspective is two-fold.

First is that you can't expect 3 hours a week of fitness focus to give you the body of your dreams without complimenting it with the other 165 hours so that everything, in and out of the gym or fitness environment, is dialed into a healthy lifestyle of habits. What are you doing to make sure those three hours of progress aren't virtually overwhelmed and erased by what you might be doing in that other 165?

Secondly the card represents a reminder to us that we've got 165 hours that are up to us to do everything we possibly can to create those habits ongoing.

I highly encourage keeping your card with you at all times in a place that will remind you of the perspective needed to practice good habits. Tossing it in your wallet, purse, pocket, etc might allow you to forget about it for a while, but when it resurfaces you instantly remember what it symbolizes. You can also take it to another level and keep it very close by and keep remembering its unique perspective every day.

I placed a larger version of it above the water cooler in the gym so every time we get water we see it. It's something great that we can all do together to make our Synergy Kettlebell Kamp family stronger and healthier. We're all a team and the team is only strong IF we work together. If you want one for yourself click and save the image above. You'll be VERY happy you did in times when days or moments get tough.