Reaching For The Red Pill

Everyone wants to give a minimum effort to achieve maximum results. How does that work? No really... Please tell me how that works. I always thought that if I want to achieve something great I have to put forth a great effort. Am I missing something?

It's difficult for me to understand the logic in cutting corners and expecting the same results as if all lines remained straight to the goal. Usually when shortcuts are taken full experiences as well as optimality is something of a miss. What I'm seeing these days is more and more people expecting results for efforts they have not put in. I'll be relating more about efforts to being healthy and fit here.

Personally I really look forward to "ME" time. When I workout it's all about me. I'm there for my body and no one else's. I don't have to think about anything else except what's best for me at that moment. Does that sound selfish? Well sure it does, but honestly it's not. When I keep fit I prolong my life and my well-being. So that prolongs and ensure healthy relationships with my loved ones alongside feeling great about myself at the same time. For me it's more about how much I improve in each workout, from day to day, and watching my incremental improvements than it is actually reaching the big picture goals. Why sure that's the culmination of everything worked for, but ultimately the journey is just as great as the destination.

Maybe it's just that people have higher expectations for themselves or their fitness program than that of what's actually realistic. So instead of creating SMART goals they continue to believe their unrealistic ones and grow frustrated with themselves. Better yet they blame the entire situation or other people for their own distracted and unmotivated behavior. It's always someone else's fault. It can't be theirs. That just doesn't happen. If you're not seeing results in your exercise program or with your fitness coach chances are it's not the fault of the program or coach. Give me someone willing to work and follow a nutritional plan and I'll show you someone who achieves GREAT results.

You might feel tired from long work days, feel sick one day, not sleep well the night before, feel sore from prior workouts, have a family or office party, kid's commitments, but despite that and anything else that might possess an excuse builder you need to continue on if you are going to create habits that produce desired results. You only have one body. You either will pay now in good clean food and time practicing fitness or you will pay later with a lack of quality of life in hospital bills, disappointed loved ones because you can't move well enough to play with them, uncomfortable health adversities, or even experience an early death due to choices you are making right now. Will you be destroyed by all your decisions? Only one can change your life. You decide.

Instead of miracle and magic red or blue pills, what people need to do is simply stop making excuses and reasons for their processed food eating habits and eat clean, teach their children to do the exact same, and make exercise a LIFELONG habit at least 3 times a week. That's the answer. Eat clean & move... doesn't get more simpler than that. There are no 'other' ways. There isn't a corner you can cut that will bring you closer to your goals without taking you further away somewhere else. When exercising "more" is NOT necessarily better by any means. WHAT you do, and how consistently you're doing it even if you don't want to one day or feel a little lousy, is of the utmost. That's how mental and physical results come.

The system of Consistent Hard Work over Time = Results. PERIOD.

R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!