Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bars (made from almond milk pulp)

cookie dough bars Raw chocolate chip cookie dough is one of those things that will forever make me happy and will always bring out the child in me. I still remember my mom making chocolate chip cookies and us begging for some of the dough. Such a treat.  Original recipe from Tasty Yummies

raw cookie dough bars

I add a whole vanilla bean to my almond milk, so my pulp has these beautiful tasty flecks of the vanilla bean in it, that makes these cookie dough bars all the more better. If you don’t use vanilla bean in your almond milk, consider adding another teaspoon or two of the vanilla extract to your dough. Additionally, I found the secret to really getting these bars to taste like the real thing, is a pinch or two of baking soda, found in most traditional chocolate chip cookie doughs. That is one of those subtle nuances to this recipe that to me, takes it to that next level and really has this tasting like the traditional cookie dough you remember from being kid.

almond flour


Dehydrating Almond Milk Pulp Into Flour:

In a dehydrator:

Arrange the almond milk pulp in a single layer in your dehydrator. Set the temperature to around 115ºF or so. Dehydrate until hard and dry. Approximately 8-12 hours.

In the oven:

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and arrange the pulp in a even layer. Set the oven to it’s lowest temperature (preferably somewhere around 100ºF) 4-8 hours, checking every so often, especially if your temperature is a bit higher. Alternatively you can just leave the pulp day or two in the oven, with it turned off.


Add the dehydrated almond pulp flour to your food processor or blender and process until it is finely ground powder.


Store in an airtight jar or container in the refrigerator

PLEASE NOTE: I am sure this isn’t a truly “raw” recipe, given some of the various ingredients used. This description is more referring to the dough being unbaked and mimicking traditional “raw” cookie dough.