Question of Balance

Today I was reading on one of the sites I frequent and the author's words were very inspiring to me. He mentioned a particular time in his life that was a time where he was enlightened because of some tough challenges. He expressed a concept of: "Question of Balance". In each of our lives we must have balance and this especially holds true for our health and fitness journeys.

I am always doing my best to find a balance in my life where training is concerned. I came from a bodybuilding mindset in my background where hypertrophy and pain was the only way to experience results. I found kettlebells through a friend/prior client shortly after my herniated disc injury almost 2 years ago.

This has been a tough road, but a very fun one as well while attempting to recover from the injury. It seems like just one stupid movement in the wrong way will set it off into spasms and inflammation. I know what training movements NOT to perform(deadlifts, barbell squats, sots presses), but hate being limited. I love the physical environment and opportunity that kettlebells have presented to me and I have never been stronger.

I turned 30 this past December and only want my growing years to be ones filled with education, inspiration, fulfilled experiences, and all centered around my love of simply being as healthy as I can be. That is why I love to train. I competed in sports when I was younger, but for me now competition is only as good as my last workout. I compete with me and my own personal bests.

I hope to be able to afford the RKC one day, but in the meantime have truly enjoyed the enlightenment of Mark Reifkind and others such as the websites of David Whitley(, Anthony DiLuglio(, of course Pavel(, Steve Cotter(, Jordan Venzina(, and there are others as well. I frequent these sites each day to just catch a glimmer of what these interesting men have to offer not only the kettlebell community, but also the entire community of self-improvement. I will say this again- They have truly inspired me more than once.

Thank you gentlemen and I hope to one day have the privilege to meet you and be trained by you.

-Bob Garon