Today I decided to do 4 sets of 4 minutes a piece. I did 2 One Arm Long Cycle sets and 2 One Arm Jerk Sets. It worked and I had to force myself to do this workout as yesterday's left my lower back inflammed a bit more than I like to feel. It's still not in the injured spine sense, but simply muscular. That I can deal with. Also my neck has been tight all day causing me some headaches which I NEVER get. So needless to say today I had to dig deep. I did and I overcame.

Workout 120908:
4 Min. OALC @ 24kg and 8rpm x 2 sets

4 Min. OAJ @ 24kg and 12rpm x 2 sets

100x JS @ 45#
15 Min. Run

Dat Tis It!