Pyramid Of Pain Kettlebell Workout: Steve Dawson

Last weekend I had the extreme pleasure of training one of the UK's finest certified kettlebell teachers when he was visiting the U.S. When I first spoke with Steve Dawson about what he was wanting to do when he was here he told me that he is a very well conditioned guy and that I could choose anything I wanted. I smiled and told him that we'd be putting his conditioning to a test.... and we definitely did. Check out the original "Pyramid Of Pain" kettlebell workout and give it a shot yourself.

Here's the workout...

Warmup: 2 Min. 2 Hand Swings 1 Min. Pushups 2 Min. Lunges- (forward 1 min. and reverse 1 min.)

Workout: (AS FAST AS POSSIBLE) 20<>30<>40<>30<>20

(Advanced Level: Add 5 for each and x 10 additional for Step Touches)

Overhead Lunges Mountain Climbers Capoiera Lunges Kettlebell Swings (Go Heavy) Step Touches

R. Garon

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