Popcorn Good or Bad?

Most people who eat popcorn don't just eat it plain. I mean seriously... where's the fun in that? LOL! Personally I like my carmel corn! Ha ha!! Most people toss on the salt, butter, and kettle flavoring which adds a whole other adverse health element altogether besides the corn's negative health impact that it has on our bodies. Here are some Popcorn Facts and food for thought to keep in mind the next time you consider grabbing the white kernels of fluff.

Assuming it's being cooked in a healthy oil (ie. coconut) or being air popped...

1) Corn has "zein" which is a prolamine similar to gluten which could cause gastronomic issues, not quite on par with gluten, but still does nonetheless. Virtually all corn we get is the genetically modified Montsanto crap. It's modified to grow it's own pesticide and modified to be almost entirely starch which directly effects your body in a big negative way.

2) It's scary what GMO could do to you and what the pesticides (xenestrogens, etc) are doing. Corn is also virtually nutritionally empty so there's really no point besides to experience the feeling of a full belly from the starch. At the sake of feeling full you will also be storing fat due to the starch. If you enjoy sweet potatoes, I highly recommend eating those for your starch because they are healthy for you and contribute nutritionally as well.

3) You also must consider that corn contains Lectins- which are enzyme inhibitors. Corn is a seed of a grain. The plant doesn't want you to eat it so it blocks your body's natural production of enzymes to properly digest it- thus causing gastrointestinal issues. The same is true of all other grains- gluten free or not. Gluten is a completely separate issue altogether. Most people are so used to their bodies feeling a certain way that they are not aware of how good they can actually feel once they stop eating corn & other grains so their body heals itself.

Next time you eat popcorn, no matter how "good" it tastes, consider what you are putting into your body.