Perspective of the Skinny Strong

A strong person must be someone who is coordinated, agile, accurate, and have good balance or else their strength cannot be maximized to accomplish a lift or even a simple everyday task. Many of workouts in which we train at Synergy Kettlebell Training are meant to be done as fast as possible. To do them in that fashion, you'd ideally take no breaks. But let's be serious; 90% of people need to take breaks in some shape or form.

That being said, take breaks if they're needed, but just keep in mind that you are striving to get the best time in completing the workout. Take your quick drink break to maintain hydration, but this is not to catch your breath or recover beyond 10-20 seconds. That's it and then seriously get back to it!

That's called a "Recovery Break". Training in this style is both very intense and highly metabolic. The body will respond in such a way that it will give you physical adaptations to continually improve with consistency. You will not die just because you are gasping for breath. If you can talk you are good to continue on.

Don't worry about lifting heavy weights. If you want to do that then come talk to me about learning and practicing Kettlebell Sport. Synergy Kettlebell Training fitness kettlebell classes are mostly about quick short bursts with lighter weights to get the job done quick. This is how we achieve such great results.

Anyone can use a machine and any trainer can simply pull the pin out and put it back in again for you. What is offered to you as Synergy Kettlebell Training members is functional training through higher intensity and greater work capacity. When you train functionally, with great intensity, you are in a training environment that not only brings you an overall well-being much quicker, but also prepares you for anything and everything that life may throw at you be it physically or mentally.

Keep This In Mind: Consistency is 100% key for you to see results.

Be consistent in your training- no more than 2 kettlebell days in a row and definitely no more than 2 off in a row for best results. I go 2 on and 1 off myself. This will keep your body progressing and recovering efficiently.

Consistency in your eating habits- always be working toward becoming cleaner, simpler, *healthier, more plant based, and eliminating processed foods every day.

Have an awesome day!