"Personal Best" Synergy Kettlebell Workout Theme

Personal Best kettlebell workout theme 2014 We're excited because Monday we launch a brand new theme we're calling "Personal Best".

Theme Perspective Points The best way to track our own progress is to take note of our best times and best rep count and make a goal to beat those numbers the next time around. The goal is to do even better the next time and we naturally will be stronger after that workout by having the motivation to beat our OWN records.

The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.

The only person you’re competing with is yourself. It is all about finding your PERSONAL BEST. Shoot for as many reps as you can and fight for a little more!

Beat your own PERSONAL BEST records everyday you come into Synergy the next few weeks. Set your goals high and strive to push past them each and every day.

The gym is not a place for judgement, or caring what everyone else around you is doing. The gym is your “happy” time, and it’s your job to make the most out of your time here.

Here's a sample workout similar to what we're going to experience in "Personal Best".

Synergy Kettlebell Aurora gym

Warmup:” This prepares you for today’s workout!”

Synergy Dynamics mobility drills standing series

Then: Weighted Movement Drills 50x Mountain Climbers 40x Rope Waves 30x Jumping Lunges or Reverse Lunges 5x Agility Ladder up and down sequence (any type)

You’re In Charge Blaster #1: M8 AMRAP (Your goal is to reach your personal best and next week increase your as many rounds as possible!) 8x Double Half Snatch 8x Burpee Pullups (get chin above hands & mod to Jungle Gym Row if needed)

Personal Challenge: 10 Min (Switch arms every minute. Your goal next week is to go heavier OR faster and increase reps/minute! YOU CAN DO IT!!) One Arm Long Cycle

You’re In Charge Blaster #2: 8 Min AMRAP (Your goal is to reach your personal best and next week increase your as many rounds as possible!) 8x Renegade Rows (1R + 1L = 1 Rep, keep hips low & back straight) 8x V-Situps

Cool Down: “This prepares you for your next workout!” Synergy dynamic floor sequence and foam roll


Give it a shot or come join us for a certified Kettlebell coach led group class at Synergy Kettlebell Training in Aurora, Dixon, and St. Charles, IL.

R. Garon

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