Peak Performance Kettlebell Workout Theme

This is our newest theme at Synergy Kettlebell Training for the next 2 weeks and each workout will be focused on teaching us to physically and mentally scale to New Heights with Stamina & Strength! Each workout is designed exclusively with those 2 goals in mind. Peak Performance 1

Keep these things in mind: 1) Strong is a Choice. It's obvious you have chosen STRONG today by your attendance.

2) Stamina is a Choice. Make a decision right now to stay disciplined and comfortable with being uncomfortable until your count is completed.

3) Everyday discover where Your Greatest Developments and Strength are within each workout and Scale to New Heights with Your Stamina and Strength.

4) Everyday should show evidence of a sharp increase in physical quality. Believe in Yourself and Watch YOU Scale to New Heights.

Here is a sample of one of our workouts that we will be doing during our theme.

Your Peak Performance Blaster: R1 light 30x, R2- med bell 20x, R3- Heavy bell 10x Single Bell Man-Makers*** (grab a medium weight, and pass the bell from right to left during the floor portion, perform a goblet thruster on the upward movement portion) John Travolta's- R/L (side plank position & rotate torso so that arm/ hand shoots through the lower arm pit, ensure torso is twisting, switch arms every round, mod foot position if needed) Around the Back KB Swings- R/L (making sure to keep both sides even)

***NOTE: The dude in the video has absolutely horrible technique and does not know how to breathe while doing this so please use the technique I have taught you for Renegade Rowing, Cleaning, & Squat Thrusting, etc.

Finisher: R3, S30/S10 25x Jungle Gym Push Up then Abdominal Crunch = One count 50x Sledge Hammer- R/L (keep both sides even) 25x Jungle Gym Inverted V-ups

Here We GO! Let’s attain our Peak Performance NOW!