Over 60 Bone Density Increases, Doc Says "Keep doing what you're doing!"

Sandy_Darling_runner"It is not often that people get any substantial gains in bone density. Smaller people are way more prone than bigger people around age 60 – 65. It was the reason I joined the gym and discovered your program."  -Sandy D., Phd. [Sandy had her bone density tested and the results were not very good. So she decided to try exercise per her doctor’s recommendation. After just over a year of working with my program Sandy had her bone density tested again. The results are provided below.]

On the spine, my bone density is back to normal and a little above the average for a person my age (mid 60’s). The change is considered “statistically significant with a 95% confidence given differences in positioning since last scan.” On the hip, it improved, but just slightly (2.1%), and is still slightly below normal. Doc recommendation is to keep doing what you’re doing. It’s working. Many, many old people die because they fall and break a hip and don’t recover. I’m going to die a different way, thank you Bob & Synergy Kettlebell Training.” -Sandy D., Phd. (President of Learning Bridges)

[Sandy is such an inspiration to me! Over the years she has worked very hard and fell into love with fitness to condition her body to become an avid marathon and recreational runner.]

R. Garon

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