Ongoing Team Work For Survival

Please allow me to sit down and just chat with you about a couple of my thoughts regarding the recent tough times. It can be hard to get up every day and remain focused with hopes and promises.  Sometimes it's just a struggle to hope that your hopes are not empty.  In all circumstances there are always ways to remain positive- no matter what may come.

In my life I have strived to be proactive in any situation I encounter rather than reactive; however I can do that as well if need be.  Over the past 11+ years as a professional trainer, fitness coach, and multi-level supervisor, I have been given a gift in the opportunity to learn how to motivate and encourage many different personality types.  This has certainly strengthened me and has been both fun and rewarding for my clients, employees as well as exciting and a blessing to myself.   In reality it is the personalities which I encounter on a daily basis that have really inspired me and keep me motivated.  It’s about team-work.  When a ship goes underway each crew-member must do their part in order to safely reach the destination.  There are certain systems and standards set in place by the captain which are vital ways of doing things in order to fulfill the requirements of their job.  They must embark on the journey together or will never last a day.

The same holds true for any entity be a corporation, school, training team, church, sports team and family or community.  Any team is only as strong as each of its members who directly represent the product being delivered, sold or service offered be it cars, clothing, food, toys, hairstyling, electronics, or health club services.  If people do not believe in what they are doing- no matter if they are doing, delivering, or selling even if it is simply filing paperwork- the team will not do well.

It has been one of my main missions that whenever I manage a team to keep them focused on what they are doing is more than great and extraordinary relative to the job or duty they must perform.  If they believe in their hearts that what they are doing will positively impact others, and leave a lasting impression, attitudes are very different in the work environment.  We must do what we do for fun.  If it isn’t fun we lose interest.  That mindset is something that cannot be given an individual even if they earned a degree which many degrees these days are little more than a piece of paper that symbolizes years of busy work and wasted readings.

A degree does not symbolize anything, but smarts.  Smarts is knowing facts, experiences and knowledge.  The world NEEDS wisdom.  Wisdom is doing something useful with what you know.  It's not what you KNOW- it's what you DO that matters.  We must continually work together as a team to decide each day to be positive in all that we do.  No matter how empty a cup may be there is always a way to stay positive.  At least we still have the cup.