Nutrition Propaganda Is Everywhere on Facebook

I just came across a post on Facebook that a fitness pro put up regarding how to lose fat that REALLY bothered me because this person was passing along some inaccurate information to their audience. Most of the post was right on, but then something was said that was way wrong. In fact, what this fit pro said was just much of the same fitness/nutrition industry propaganda that has been spewing out of the mouths of "fit pros" for years. Most fit pros actually don't do much research into nutrition at all and simply continue to pass along regurgitated info to their clients and of course on Facebook. In my opinion that is quite unprofessional of them to continue this pattern because not only are they spreading false information, but the public is believing them solely because these people have positioned themselves as fitness professionals and experts in the industry. They should know right... because they're "experts" right? Unfortunately this is not the case and it is taking the unsuspecting public for a ride that ultimately confuses them. Okay so you're probably wondering what the Facebook post said that I saw... The fit pro said: "...we need to eat every 3 hours to get lean because when we are not eating we store fat and don't starve yourself because that will never work to get you skinny."

That is utterly false! I've known several people who have starved themselves skinny, but of course that is not healthy. LOL Additionally you do NOT store fat because you're not eating. It's the other way around... You store fat because you eat excess sugar, carbohydrates, and proteins. When your insulin spikes because of increased blood sugar levels that's when you will be storing fat. That is due to eating in excess and having more glucose in the blood stream than is needed. When you're not eating, your digestive system has a chance to rest and insulin is not spiked so you are not storing fat.

We store fat, release fat, have energy, heal our bodies from within, increase muscle, lose muscle, have a good mood, have a bad mood, etc all due to hormones and most people do not realize that. If you want to get lean and lose fat you must get your hormones to become balanced so that they work for you rather than against you. How you do this is directly tied to what you eat, when you eat it, and how much you eat when you do eat.

I recommend no more than 2 meals a day, spaced about 6-8 hours apart so that your hormones are better balanced and your digestive system is functioning efficiently.  In fact, a common factor of most centenarians (people who live to be 100 yrs and beyond) is, alongside a constant positive attitude and never worrying about rushing anywhere or if they will arrive late, is that they only eat once or twice a day. There is significant research (Dr. Joel Fuhrman & others) showing that fasting is not only healthy for the body, but also increases systemic healing and longevity as well since the body is not constantly under a state of digestion all day long.

I don't normally talk about my own eating habits because most people just don't understand them, but I will briefly mention them now. What I personally do, and have been practicing for about 6 years now, is a daily intermediate fast until around 5pm, but I focus on being very well hydrated during that time. I always begin my meal with a big green smoothie and then wait about 30-40 minutes after I drink it before having anything else so that the enzymes can work more effectively.

Eating processed foods, grains, dairy, and meats in excess are foods which stress the digestive system and cause an acidic environment within the body. In that acidic environment our body is inflamed and is much more susceptible to getting sick. Eating foods such as raw/soaked nuts, seeds, fruits, dark green leafy veggies, sprouts, and any other veggie as well as wild caught fish or pasture raised animals if you are going to eat meat. If you are going to eat meat just keep the amounts to only a few ounces at most and don't consume it every day. Eat like this and you will keep your body in an alkaline state which will promote good digestion and health for you.