Nothin Fancy- Just Hard Work

That was the theme of today's workout as I put on the rest of T-2, hook gripped my Pro-Grades, and began Long Cycle till I bled.  Well kinda.  My shoulders look like they've been through a war since I started using heavier bells.  I let those babies just slam down into them so that I conserve energy and move more efficiently.  That's what I was taught at the AKC cert so that is what I have been practicing.  Thankfully there isn't any pain or discomfort there whatsoever.  No, the pain and discomfort is reserved for all the rest of my body as I keep it moving with these bells in every which way.  The gravity issue from yesterday was definitely much improved today so I worked hard and stuck to the basics.

10 Min. OALC @ 24kg and 8rpm
4 Min. Double Cleans @ 2x20kg and 8rpm
4 Min. OAJ @ 20kg and 12rpm

3x50 JS @ 45#
Guerrilla Sprints
1. Warm-up was 6.3mph and 1% incline
2. Intervals were 10mph and 3% incline
3. Cool-down was 7mph and 2% incline