Nightline featured Michael Pollan, author of "Defense of Food"

Last night Michael Pollan, the author of In Defense of Food (the book I'm reading) and been referencing to you all, was interviewed on ABC's program 'Nightline'.


Last night's Nightline featured Michael Pollan talking about his "Twelve Commandments For Eating" from his book In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto:

"In general, I'm inclined to stick with the tried and
true when it comes to food. And let the novelties be tested for a
while. I think we need to begin to spend more on food, both in terms of
money and in time. I know that's not a popular message. People like
their convenience foods. But this experiment of outsourcing our food
preparation to corporations has failed us. I mean, it's left us really
unhealthy, really unsatisfied. And I think it's undermined the family
life and undermined the community."

This book and his message has really changed my life and that of my family's
so I encourage all of you to watch the 9 minute video and pick up his
book($15) at your local book store.


After you watch the 'Nightline' presentation:

If you would like a much more detailed lecture by Michael Pollan CLICK HERE for a link to his Google lecture.

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