Never Do Cardio Exercises Again and Burn Fat Better


This guy NEVER does "cardio" and I've said for a long, long time that stead-state cardio is a big waste of time. It will not make you stronger, leaner, or in better shape compared to other- and shorter- means. The secret formula to being in great shape and being 100% healthy is simple. Don't confuse simple with easy. By using the word 'simple' here I'm meaning essentially it's quite basic.

I have always been a firm believer that what you practice should be a direct reflection of your goal. If your goal is to swim the English Channel you better jump in the water and do a few strokes. If you want to be a college grad, well enroll, go to class, and then hit the books. If you want to climb Everest then I suggest getting started by climbing some smaller peaks around town and working on your Hypoxic Training. If you want to be better at pullups then I recommend a program suitable for that goal. If you want to be a good bowler, well... grab your balls and toss em down the lane.

If you want to be healthy, have a lean body, overall great well-being then this is what you needs to be doing in order to achieve optimal fitness:

1. Perform full-body movements that force the body to work multiple joints at once.

2. Instead of doing crunch after crunch (in every range that you can think of like decline, side, reverse), focus on training your abs and core the way they were meant to be trained. Make them stabilize your torso in full-body movements.

3. Interval Train rather than long boring stead-state cardio that is just so time consuming more than it ever is effective. I'll give you some great interval training workouts for you to practice in a few days. Check back.


4. Only eat REAL FOOD, as close to nature as possible and focus on vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, grassfed meat, wild caught fish, whole eggs, raw (unpasteurized) dairy, and healthy fats such as virgin coconut oil, EVOO, high fat cacao, walnut oil, etc. Limit, and best eliminate, any and all grains and refined carbs to an absolute minimum.

So again, remember that whatever your goal is your daily practice reflects it perfectly. If it does not, well then you'll experience results according to your practice.

R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!