My Journey Continues With Colorful New Toys

Well I finally received my Pro-Grades(AKC style Kettlebells) in the mail and got them in time for today's workout. I must say it definitely spiced things up with a bit of color.  It must have been pretty spicy cause the pain was still there, but I love training with these bells as they move much better with the body than DDs do. With that said I performed a short set of LC with 2 bells and then continued on with my workout. After the entire workout I felt like I can do more because the double bells caught me off guard to how difficult they would be for me so I didn't do a long set. Instead I finished my initial set and then immediately went with one bell to complete the LC set of the day. The workout is as follows.

2 Min. LC @ 2x24kg at 3-4 RPM
Then immedately without stopping I dropped to one bell.
4 Min. OALC @ 24kg alternating arms each minute for 6rpm.

3 Min. Double Cleans @ 20kg
RPM was 6

3 Min. Double Jerks @ 20kg
RPM was 11

3x50 JS @ 45# bar
15 Min. Run


After that, as I said, I felt great so I decided to do just a touch more a couple hours later.

4 Min. Snatch Set @ 20kg at 15rpm
Followed by a quick 2 Min. set of One Arm Swings @ 20kg at 33rpm

This was not my limit, but just didn't want to burn out anything for tomorrow's WOD. This was a fun day playing with my new toys and the journey only continues. :)

R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!