My Goal To Be Master of Sport

This past weekend I had the extreme privilege of attending the American Kettlebell Club (AKC) Coaches Certification under the direction of Honored Master of Sport Valery Fedorenko.  I had a lot of fun honing my skills and have set a new personal goal.  I want to be a Master of Sport in the Long Cycle(clean and jerk).  For my body weight I need 48 reps in a 10 minute timed set of Long Cycle with two 32kg kettlebells.
Yesterday I set the goal.  Today I began training for it.  Here is what my Kettlebell Training Protocol will be for the next 6 weeks.
Long Cycle Training Protocol- 6 Week Program Beginning on 111808
1 Set of the following:

Monday: 8 Min. LC, 3 Min. Heavy Cleans, 4 Min. OAJ, JS, Run

Tues: 4-6 Min. LC, 3-4 Min. Heavy Cleans, 6 Min. OAJ, JS, Run

Wed: 8 Min. LC, 4 Min. Heavy Cleans, 4 Min. OAJ, JS, Run

Thurs: Off

Fri: 5 Min. LC, 3 Min. Heavy Cleans, 8 Min. OAJ, JS, Run

Sat: 6 Min. LC, 3-5 Min. Heavy Cleans, 6 Min. OAJ, JS, Run

Sunday: Off

*JS= 3x50 Jumping Squats w/ weighted bar
*Run= 20 Min. or HIIT Sprints

This was today's workout...

8 Min. One Arm Long Cycle (OALC) @ 24kg- 5rpm

3 Min. Cleans @ 24kg- 10rpm

4 Min. One Arm Jerk (OAJ)- 10rpm

3x50 Jumping Squats w 45# bar

20 Min. Run


All I have to say is that the training for the Master of Sport will be fun! It's very good to have a goal.  What's more important is having a plan.  A goal without a plan is just a dream.  All dreams are good, but eventually you need to wake up.

R. Garon

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