My First 2x28kg Kettlebell Long Cycle Set

Ok so, after achieving Long Cycle IKFF Rank III and American Kettlebell Club Rank II with the 20kg Kettlebells in the April 2010, I've been working with the 24kg bells since then in my attempt to tame them. So far so good and I've been very happy with my results thus far. I've been consistently practicing with them and feeling more and more comfortable every day. That's the thing right there... if you want to be good at something you've gotta practice it and don't stop till you get there. Well in practicing something 4-5 days a week, every week, one can get burnt out so I decided to give myself a break from exclusively the 24's during the month of December. In doing so, and of course considering my love to lift heavy weights over my head, I decided that the orange and red bells had my name all over them.

Here's my inaugural Long Cycle set with the 28kg Kettlebells. Now also keep in mind that my bodyweight is currently about 145lbs too so this is A LOT of fun. It actually went much better than I had expected. My goal is to get comfortable with them so the Green Machines (24kg Kettlebells) will be much easier to tame when I start my next training cycle in January. Ultimately I want IKFF Rank CMS (candidate master of sport) in March at the Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio. Team Synergy has big goals for the upcoming event and I have high confidence we'll all achieve them. Keep watching us...

This was one of my low volume days and felt great. Here's my full Long Cycle practice that I did:

Warmup: Synergy Dynamics 2x16kg Jerks x 10 2x24kg Long Cycle x 6

Long Cycle Practice: 2 min rest between sets 2 Minutes 2x28kg @ 6rpm 1 Min. 2x28kg @ 6rpm x 4 sets

Finisher: 3 Min. 2x16kg @ 10rpm


Synergy Dynamics floor series and foam roll