"Muscle Up" Kettlebell Workout Theme

image "Muscle Up" is our new Synergy Kettlebell theme that we launched this week.  Check out the motivational perspectives to give you some positive thoughts to adopt and then try a sample Kettlebell workout for you to do on your own.


Theme Perspective Points: MUSCLE UP IS ALL ABOUT INCREASE.

We are going to focus on the roots of how Synergy started and that is solely through KETTLEBELLS. Kettlebells keep us strong and build our physical endurance overtime like no other training tool or program.  During this theme we go back through time, to our roots, and focus on the truest of all kettlebell exercises.

Muscle up is focused on finding the inner strength to increase our work capacity and perform longer sets. As simple as it sounds “Muscle Up” is a focus to use a bell you didn’t think you could ever lift the first day you walked into Synergy Kettlebell. “Muscle Up” and keep your kettlebell moving the entire set and don’t let it rest on the ground because there’s no benefit with the bell on the ground.



Keep it in your hand and rest in the rack or locked out because you will still be benefiting by holding the bell on your body.

Rid your mind of CANT!!!  Make the change to use a new weight, more refined techniques and keep strong during a set just a little bit longer to keep striving forward to MUSCLE UP!


Here's one of my favorite workouts from our current "Muscle Up" theme. Remember to always warmup and cool down around every workout, strength and cardio. Give this a shot and let us know what you think! Be safe and choose your weights appropriately.

Technique Practice: 6 Min (Switch arms half way) One Arm Long Cycle

Rest a few minutes before starting next segment.

Muscle Builder Blaster: 7 Rounds 7x Pull up Burpees (perform a burpee and then immediately a pull up, repeat) 7x Goblet Thrusters 7x Goblet Situps

Finisher: Choose your own adventure

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R. Garon

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