"The Movement" Synergy Kettlebell Workout Theme

Here is our brand new workout theme at Synergy Kettlebell. Just like our theme that we just wrapped up, "Rocktober Fest" it will be a 1 week theme. (Normally our themes are 2 weeks.) These are some of my favorite workouts though and both training styles from each theme will surely be revisited again because they are such a great concept. Did you enjoy the unique music segment during Rocktober Fest? I know our Synergy Kettlebell members did! They have been talking about how they've been really enjoying it every time I walk through the gyms. The Movement

"The Movement" Theme Perspective Points

During this theme we will be focusing directly on movements that will center in on strength endurance and overall work capacity.

Our goal is to ratchet up the strength side of things so we get increase in overall full-body strength first and foremost. We will do this through a simultaneous body specific and well-rounded fitness approach right in the same workout.

We will have a unique focus on key compound Kettlebell movements and a General Physical Preparedness (GPP) burst style circuit mixed into each workout every day.

Synergy Kettlebell St. Charles workout cool down

Here's a sample similar to one of the workouts we will be doing in The Movement.

But first here is our warmup & cooldown series because it is ALWAYS important to do both surrounding a workout. You will get a much, much richer training experience because your body will be less prone to injury as well as become more loose and flexible rather than hard and tight.  

Warmup:” This prepares you for today’s workout!”

Synergy Dynamics mobility drills standing series

Then: Weighted Movement Drills 40x Hand To Hand Kettlebell Swings (light to medium weight only) 20x Jungle Gym Rows 40x Alternating Reverse Lunges

Cool Down: “This prepares you for your next workout!”

Synergy dynamic floor sequence and foam roll

Synergy Kettlebell Aurora 21

Technique Practice:

4 Min Double Half Snatch @ 10rpm OR faster (so go light & go right!)


5 Min Snatch @ 20rpm (go light & fast)


Tabata Workout: 20 sec work/ 10 sec rest for 15 min. Move from one exercise to the next for each 20 sec interval.

Double Alternating Bent Over Rows (be aware of posture, no rounded spines, and stagger a leg forward. switch the lead leg every round)

See Saw Presses (may use legs to assist as needed)

Double Outside Swings (focus on hips providing the momentum and NOT arms just swinging)




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Jenni Schrader Before & After

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