More Red Lines

A couple weeks ago I blogged about the special reminder card and refrigerator magnet I made for my clients that I call "168 Lines". Here's the post: Remember there are 168 hours in a week, the red lines on the card symbolize the average amount of time people spend exercising and black lines symbolize all other hours. Most weeks the black lines overwhelm the chart. Here's to more red lines!

Time to dial in your eating habits to a lifestyle, the rest of your life, a lifestyle that you are healthy NO MATTER WHAT OR WHO OR WHEN. No more excuses of being tired, weather, injured, this or that or the other.  There is always something you CAN do to push you further toward that goal- your goal.

More Red Lines.

There are so many distractions out there... so many things to keep us busy. We are bombarded with information and distractions in our lives. I have an Android phone and I love having a smart phone and my computer, but there's so much on these things and in our lives to overwhelm us... so much to become obstacles.

Let's focus back our BIG picture goals. Let's redirect back what really makes us tick and tock. What is it? What drives you? On the flipside what's your prison cell? What is it that keeps you from really pushing forward. What's holding you from being set free? What distracts and binds you to complacency?

Inside all of us is a shell. That's our prison cell. Break out NOW!