"MIND" Kettlebell Workout Theme

  This is our workout theme for the first half of November at Synergy Kettlebell Training.

MIND Talking Points


When you believe in something, and you carry it in your heart, you accept no excuses, only results. -Ken Blanchard”

“Neuroscientists have shown that mental practice can actually increase objective physical strength and performance. Mental imagery or visualization activates many of the same neural circuits in the visual cortex that actual sight does. Imagining and rehearsing what it feels like to perform certain movements stimulates the same circuits in the motor cortex of the brain that actual movement does.” Excerpt From: Kevin Seaman & Jim Brault. “The Winning Mind Set.”


Your MIND Blaster: 4 Rounds, 45 sec work/ 15 sec active rest Alternating Lying Chest Presses (keep knees bent like during situps) Deck Squats Burpee Pullups (quite simply perform a burpee and then jump up to IMMEDIATELY perform a pullup... repeat) Handstand Pushups (modify as needed with feet on tire & butt high in the air or simply perform a V-Stand or A-Frame Pushup) Windmills

Finisher: 20 seconds continuous running interval of each for Max Time 8 minutes Push Press (alternate each arm each interval or use doubles for all of them) Pistols- R/L (use Jungle Gyms, Tires or just your bodyweight)

TIP: RUN to your station and don't let the clock run out!!

Finisher: Choose Your Own Adventure

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mind over matter


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