Mad Minutes Monster Blasters kettlebell workout theme

We're going strong in our brand new Synergy Kettlebell workout theme called: "Mad Minutes Monster Blasters"!!

I went back to the drawing boards and revised the whole concept for Mad Minutes by changing things from the ground up to make it now bigger and better! Remember with every Synergy Kettlebell workout you are burning 20-28 calories in just 30 minutes!!

Mad Minutes Monster Blasters is very specially designed to give us GREATER GOALS, GREATER STRENGTH, AND GREATER RESULTS! Each workout in this theme finishes with a mad race against the clock to complete all exercises and reps before the time is up!!! HURRY, HURRY, HURRY, GET YOUR REPS IN!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!!  YOU ARE GETTING STRONG TODAY!!!

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R. Garon

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