Lucky Greens Challenge




Good health, better clarity, and more energy come by eating your GREENS! Sounds lucky to me!


Spinaches, kales, collards, chards (swiss, rainbow, etc), arugula, dandelion greens... if it’s dark green, it counts! No lettuces (this includes spring mix)

For this challenge our greens must be raw! You can put them in a smoothie, make them into a wrap, or chop em into a salad, but they cannot touch heat.

This way the enzymes are alive to bring more energy, digestive ease, and thus more life to our bodies!

CHALLENGE YOURSELF ACCORDINGLY EACH DAY Level 1 ----> 1 cup of greens per day Level 2 ----> 2 cups of greens per day Level 3 ----> 3 cups of greens per day

We are challenging ourselves from Monday, March 4th and staying lucky all the way to St. Patrick’s Day on March 17th... BUT... if you don’t want your luck to run out, you can continue on your green journey onward!


R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!