"Love Handles" Synergy Kettlebell workout theme

Love Handles Join us for our brand new Synergy Kettlebell workout theme we’re calling, “Love Handles”! We are going to be focusing on core specific movement circuits using Kettlebells as our main transformation tool and we are going to be working towards our fullest potential.

FOCUS DURING OUR WORKOUTS WILL BE: Work for every single second during the working sets. Rest during the resting time. Every second counts and stopping before the last second is unacceptable. We don't stop when we're tired. We go until we're done no matter how we feel. That's what makes us stronger.

During active rest sets definitely grab a drink and take a breather, but when it's time to work let's get it on!!!

Our "Love Handles" Mantra: Grab the bell handle & get rid of your love handles!!

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