Living with Purpose

purposeIt's easy to get caught up in inspiring and defining moments. When you meet your first love, you are inspired to love freely and walk on air in the clouds. When you have your first child you feel like you will take on the world to protect them from harsh realities. When you have your first bad medical report, you are inspired to find a way of health and fitness that you can adapt for a lifestyle. The reality is that while these, and many other, inspiring moments are wonderful, they fade.

It's in those faded moments our character is defined. Live life consistently when you are not inspired. Sometimes you will not have a new recipe to try, so you will need to make something that you have already had hundreds of times before. Sometimes your workout will seem kind of boring, but you know you need to push through it. And I am sure that we have all had days when we certainly did not feel inspired to go to work, but we do it anyway because of our obligation to our daily routine. It's about habit.

When we introduce consistency into our life, a liberation comes. You can be free to live for your higher purpose. You remove the chains of bondage to food choices, to force fitting in that workout, to excessive medical visits. By developing consistency in our choices, no matter what our "feelings" are, we are then free to do things like building a roof on a church, taking the kids on a last minute vacation, or enjoy the company of your friends and family freely. So, instead of living for the inspiring moments, and the next flashy Facebook post to catch our attention, live for consistency day to day. Then, and only then, when the inspiring moments come, you can fully enjoy them! The moment is what matters most.

~Girya Runner (Lisa Garon)