Live A Lifestyle of Eating Simplicity

I am often asked what I eat throughout the day and what I recommend. Let me provide you with a little bit of both.
Fats should not be eaten during the day as they are not really able to be beneficial. It takes about 10-12 hours for the fat to be digested and absorbed fully in your body. A lot of folks drink milk or eat yogurt in the morning and what you are getting energy from is actually the sugars in the milk or yogurt itself. Even if it is plain it still has more sugar than a banana or apple does. Then lunch comes and a little while after that most folks crash and are sluggish throughout the rest of the afternoon. This is due to eating relatively too heavily during the day.

Here is my typical day practicing the Warrior Diet lifestyle:

1. Wake up and immediately drink 8oz of water.
2. 30 min. later: Pineapple and parsely smoothie w/ water in the morning.
3. About 3-4 hours later a banana.
4. 2-3 hours after that another fruit such as apple, orange, peach, or even another banana.
5. Dinner is always a really big salad to start with about 10+ different veggies in it. Dressing is always either homemade or one of two of the Bragg brand dressing as this is the only all organic and health beneficial dressing products out there.
6. A half hour later I eat my protein which is always either fish or eggs. I never eat poultry, red meat, or pork as that is all very unhealthy for different reasons.
7. Then I eat cheeses, nuts, yogurt, and other veggies throughout the rest of the evening till the end of the 4 hours. Sometimes I even have another salad.

I eat 3 days of high fat and then 1 or 2 at most of high carb and low fat.

Last night was "high carb" and I ate all the same as above, but no nuts and instead had pancakes made solely with a grain called Kamut(which considered the "great-grandfather of grains" by the Egyptians) w/ Blue Agave syrup.

I never eat wheat except in Ezekial brand products such as their bread, English muffins, pasta, and wraps.

Most days are very close to the same patterns.

Throughout the entire day I always drink 1.5-2 gallons of water. When I go to restaurants I sometimes have tea.
I do not drink any other liquid as most either have sugars in them, caffeine or such as coffee has substances which are quite unhealthy overall. Just because other folks drink coffee or tea doesn't mean I look down upon those actions or those people, but I just choose not to drink that because of a choice I make.
I also do not ever drink alcohol products which is also a choice.

I'm sure you are saying to yourself that some things in both coffee and alcohol products are beneficial; however the flipside to that coin is far worse than any benefit. To get the antioxidant in wine you must get through the estrogenic effect of the alcohol in the first place and second the sugars as well as calories it contains. To me it is not worth it. In fact the exact same antioxidant properties in wine are contained in peanuts and without the alcohol. On top of the antioxidant you get very good fats, protein, and lots of minerals in peanuts. It is a fact that those who regularly consume nuts have overall better health and weight management.
In most other alcohols they are derived from a grain which is not health or aesthetically beneficial to combine grains and alcohol.

Again these are my choices, but the proof is in the pudding. If you work hard at both your exercise practices and especially your lifestyle eating habits you'll reap all the rewards- always.

R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!