Liberate Yourself From The Four Walls Part 3- Child's Play

In this segment of "Liberate Yourself From The 4 Walls" my son Brayden has some Liberation Practice. To him, it's just play time.

We usually do a lot of things together and being active is definitely one of them where we really bond. He comes with me to almost every training session and Kettlebell Kamp. This, fitness, is all he's ever known. I'm hoping as he grows up he keeps to what he knows and doesn't reject any of it.  I do my absolute best to make it fun for him and have it be a more playful atmosphere instead of a grueling workout.  If he stops having fun then we either stop what we're doing or change paces so he's still being active, but simply doing something else more attention grabbing. Enjoy the latest segment of our Liberation Campaign as we see it from a more simplistic approach outside the traditional box. Bruce Lee really hit the nail on the head when he said: "Classical methods like these, which I consider a form of paralysis, only solidify and constrain what was once fluid. Their practitioners are merely blindly rehearsing routines and stunts that will lead nowhere.And this can and most definitely should be applied in all things fitness.

My goal in this series and Liberation Campaign is to liberate myself- and as many people as I can to come with me- from the four walled, stink, sweaty, meat market, closed in, machine based confines of the modern gyms. Be encouraged- do the same! Just because it's modern doesn't make it better. It simply means they are getting better and better at putting things inside the four walls that attract the public to toss more money at them. What did people do before these gyms? Actually they did a lot.

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