Liberate Yourself From The 4 Walls- Part 4

Exercise HAS to be challenging in order to experience results. There is no way around it, but it can certainly be fun at the same time. Lately I've been doing everything I can to make my workouts creative, but still sticking to the basics. I really enjoy the challenge of both the workout movements as well as coming up with actual content for my personal protocol. Here's one I came up with. This is a totally sweet workout I did the other day. I tossed in Kettlebell Juggling and some super cool bodyweight movements such as flying grasshoppers and jumping spiderman pushups. I also have a special section in there of what Brayden can do. He likes being like Daddy and why not let him have his own workout fun.

Watch, Enjoy, and if you like it give it a shot. :)

Here's another video for you to enjoy in both what you see as well as in the creativity of the workout itself. Bill McKeen, one of my Synergy Kettlebell Boot Campers, satisfied our Weekend Warrior Challenge by putting together a fun workout and an even more fun video to watch. Now this is definitely something the whole family can enjoy together.


Just as always I want to display that you can accomplish an amazing workout without the confines of a stinky, cramped, machine based, non-functional, meat market, four-walled gym. Get outside the walls. Think outside the box and give your body a gift of clean, fresh air, and a powerful workout that can be practiced anywhere and everywhere. All it takes is creativity and green grass. Liberate yourself from the 4 walls.

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