Liberate Yourself From The 4 Walls Part 2

Yesterday I introduced my Liberate Yourself From The 4 Walls campaign by breaking down ever so gently that we don't need these big box gyms. As mentioned, it is my goal is to liberate myself- and as many people as I can to come with me- from the four walled, stink, sweaty, meat market, closed in, machine based confines of the modern gyms. Be encouraged- do the same! Just because it's modern doesn't make it better. It simply means they are getting better and better at putting things inside the four walls that attract the public to toss more money at them. What did people do before these gyms? Actually they did a lot.

Today I demonstrate for you a couple things you can do with nature and in nature to acheive strength and conditioning. I left the running element out for obvious reasons. I doubt you'd want to watch a video of me running through woods dodging the tree stumps and weird noises from every other bush. So I spared you those moments and demo my stone and log lifts. Notice that I am not perfect, have butter fingers at times, and do drop the stone in a couple clips. This is ok as long as it doesn't drop on your big toe. The pinky toe you can do without, but watch out for the big boy. That one we still need.

In my next post, Liberate Yourself From The 4 Walls Part 3, I will be introducing some other things you can do in nature. My son Brayden guest stars in that video and helps me bring some good info for you by having a great time fitness frolicking in the woods. Stay tuned for that.


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