"Let The Sweat Fall" Kettlebell Workout Theme

Let The Sweat Fall We launch a new Synergy workout theme. It's the next in our lineup for our Fall workout series and is a step up from what we were just doing with our focus on cardio in our Defying Gravity series. Wasn't that great?! We had some pretty darn tough workouts in DG and I LOVED IT!!

Welcome to "Let The Sweat Fall" and our focus is two-fold: a core blaster to start every workout and a super charged As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP) or As Fast As Possible (AFAP) workout to rev up intensity. We'll even have some "Tabatas" tossed in the mix too! The design is to make us really hot, really sweaty, and flush out the fat and weakness holding us back!


Seasons Are changing, the weather is cooling, and people tend to physically slow down. At Synergy Kettlebell we are raising the temps and increasing our activity!! Bring us the fall weather and we will bring you sweat!

During “Let The Sweat Fall” we are going start out workouts with an upbeat and intense core blaster warm-up that will get our bodies primed to sweat!! Next we crank it up with a hardcore sweat dripping AFAP blaster!!

Raising our body temp is an important aspect in any good workout. It get’s our metabolism going so we burn more calories later on during the day and it keeps our muscles loose to prevent injuries.kettlebell training results

Our goal is to push harder to get our reps and rounds done more quickly than ever so that our heart rate stays elevated for the intense cardio effect. Work hard yes, but be safe too!

Let The Sweat Fall” workouts are roughly 30 minutes and that’s it! IF we work at the right intensity we won’t need anything else BECAUSE we’ll be dripping sweat as if it was still Summer and 90 degrees out. The chillier weather won’t stop us! We will just bring on more sweat BECAUSE we KNOW sweat feels good! Sweat is a sign of hard work! So let it fall!!!   Come join us for a certified Kettlebell coach led group class at Synergy Kettlebell Training in Aurora, Dixon, and St. Charles, IL.




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Jenni Schrader Before & After