A Lesson From A Freight Train

train1 A few weeks ago, Bob and I were driving down Kirk Road to go home. Now, considering why I had taken that route instead of another, I don't know. It would have made more sense to take my normal way home. Maybe it was to teach me this lesson, which I am about to share with you.

As we come up over the hill, I see the gate lowering and lights flashing... uh-oh... A train! Now, this wasn't the fast passenger train, if you know what I mean. And to top it all off, I don't think I've ever actually come across a train at these tracks! Well, I was perturbed, determined that I need to find another way around. I mean, how dare a train cross MY path, right?

Well, my wonderful husband Bob, in all his wisdom, as I'm about to turn the car around, says "Lisa, we aren't in a hurry. Just wait." I paused for a moment. Huh...I thought to myself, He IS right. We AREN'T in a hurry. So we waited. I breathed. I looked around. I put on some music. Wouldn't you know it, that train only took about 3 minutes to pass!

So, is this lesson all about a train? No. Here it is: How many times do we look at what is ahead of us and let it deter us from our goal? It is easy to look at what we want to accomplish, better health blood tests, fitting into those favorite jeans from a few years ago, educating ourselves in our passion, and get deterred because of an obstacle or two that pop up. Sometimes, I will concede, we do need to go around. However, sometimes we are meant to wait through the obstacle and let it make us stronger, more patient, and consistent day to day to achieve whatever our greater purpose is. When you are facing your train, which is seeming to block your path to success, try waiting it out first before making rash decisions which can put you behind.

Oh, and in case I didn't get the lesson the first time, I've now had 2 other train situations similar to this very one since... LOL!

Girya Runner Lisa Garon

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