"Last Call" Kettlebell Fat Blaster Quickie Workout

Here's another great AND quick Kettlebell workout for you. This one I really, really liked and since it only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish you can do it pretty fast. Enjoy!

The theme is: "Last Call"

This is how it goes...

Your Warmup: 3 Rounds at 42 seconds each

Kettlebell Slingshots (Pass the kettlebell around your waist with your feet together[or one foot off the floor for added balance work] while keeping your hips & shoulders square & core activated with belly button drawn in.)
Figure 8's To A Hold
Jumpin Jax

Your Fat Blaster: Continuous running clock to 15 minutes.

There are 3 groups to pick from based on fitness and conditioning level. Choose which group you are in and stick with that one for the entire 15 min.
For example: If you like the spiderman pushups in Group C, but cannot perform the other 2 perfectly, then you must be in Group B. Your overall goal is to go as fast as you can inside of the 15 minutes to get as many rounds as possible.
Then when you perform this Fat Blaster again you beat your previous amount of rounds. Another goal is to move up to the next group if you are not in Group C.  Remember to choose only one group and stick with it.

Group A

5 Wall Pushups (pushups on the wall due to inability to perform them on the floor yet)
15 Bodyweight Squats
1 Stair Climb (We have 4 flights[10steps] that we go up and down. If you don't have stairs simply perform a very fast walk or jog about 50-100 yards- preferably uphill.)

Group B

10 Pushups (standard pushups on floor. Knees are not advised; however if you choose to use them your future goal will be to get off of them.)
20 Bodyweight Squats
2 Stair Climbs (the climbs can be at any pace as long as you are moving as fast.)

Group C

15 Spiderman Pushups (every time your leg comes up that's one rep.)
25 Jumping Squats
2 Stair Sprints (This is an all out sprint as fast as you can go up all 4 flights or sprinting for distance if you are without stairs.)


Synergy Yoga

Practice at your own risk, be safe and have a lot of fun on your Kettlebell fitness journey.
Comment below and tell me how it goes.

R. Garon

Robert Garon is a Masters level pastoral counseling student at Liberty University. He and his wife reside in the suburbs of Chicago where they, together, lead a marriage enhancement and discipleship group called Re|engage at their church. Robert also regularly leads short-term mission teams, both internationally and domestically, as well as a weekly men’s community group.

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