Kickin It Old School Challenge UPDATES

WE are almost 3 weeks into our 30 Day Kickin It Old School Challenge and my clients are experiencing some amazing results.  In case you don't know what our challenge is about click on the name of it in the sentence above or go here: Instead of writing about it today I wanted to look you in the eye and share with you about some of the great results my clients are seeing as well as go just a little more deeply into what Paleo diet eating entails and how easy it is for you to jump on our wagon too.

Watch my video and if you have any questions or comments I would LOVE to hear from you below. Also if you've been eating Paleo I'd love to hear about your progress and results. Sometimes hearing about how other people have adapted to it helps encourage others to do so too. So please, please share your story. We'd love to hear it. Thanks!

R. Garon

On THE mission making God known by helping others thrive and flourish for His kingdom!