My Kettlebell Sport Long Cycle Pre-Competition Practice

I just wanted to share part of my journey with you as I prepare for the Great Lakes Kettlebell Lifting Competition in Traverse City, Michigan on April 17th I thought I'd share one of my finisher sets with you. I've been fighting a protruding disc in the L4/L5 section of my spine for a few years.  I have an awesome chiropractor, Dr. Ken Olson of Olson Chiropractic in Aurora, IL, and he's been taking VERY good care of me enough where I can train again at a higher level.

I've been working with the 20kg bells in the Long Cycle event. It's been a longer road than I've liked, but alas I seem to be on an ongoing one of progress. Ultimately that's all that matters.

Currently I've been about 155 for a while and desire to make Rank in this upcomingmeet. If I stay at my current weight class I'll need 49 reps for Rank with the 20kg kettlebells. If I drop down to 149lb. then I'll only need 44 reps.  I'm trying to decide in my mind if doing 5 fewer reps is worth dropping the weight.  I probably will, but if not I'm still good with doing 49 no problem.

The other day I did a good couple sets and then felt great. So I decided to do just a quick 2 minutes of Long Cycle with two 24kg bells. Outside of my second to last rep, everything went well, felt strong, and looks like I'll be improving better than even expected.  Check out my Finisher Set below...