Kettlebell Sport Grows With You

If you've never competed before here's what you need to know: Snatch, Jerk, or Long Cycle. Know those and you are qualified to go. I'm A Beginner... I Don't Think I'm Good Enough Yet. Perfect! Seriously!!! YOU are exactly who we want to grow our sport with. It doesn't matter if you're of an elite caliber or not. In fact most of the people going are not in any elite class.

NO MORE FEARS & HESITATION: Think of it this way, if Kettlebell Training wasn't safe then no one would do it. If it wasn't for beginners then no one would ever start. If it wasn't for people looking to get strong then we wouldn't have heavier bells. Get started now... today is perfect... wait for tomorrow and already you lost to yourself. OVERCOME YOUR FEARS TODAY!

Why Do We Compete??? We go because we have A LOT of fun with each other, the other competitors who travel from all over to hang, and for the events themselves so we can test ourselves to see how hard we can work. We all need motivation, determination, and inspiration. Your Kettlebell Sport experience will give that to you.

Who's Going To The Next Meet? Can I Go? You ABSOLUTELY CAN! There is a group of about 10 going as of right now to the IKFF Nationals in September. If you want to join Team Synergy, and represent us at Nationals either by competing OR as a spectator to support us, then Kettlebell Sport Club is for you and will give you everything you need to be ready for your event.

Full details here for the IKFF Nationals:

Registration for their early bird special is August 25th. So you still have time to decide. Need help let me know.

Here's some cool videos of exactly what it's like to be at a Kettlebell Sport competition.

And a very cool one with the Ice Chamber Ladies Team.

And From Our Very Own Nadia & Shaheen of Team Synergy

R. Garon

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