The Anatomy of Kettlebell Training: The Snatch Part 2


By: Coach Denis Kanygin

This is part 2 of The Anatomy of Kettlebell Training Series (read Part 1: Undersquat). Today I’d like to address a very common question: how to bring kettlebell down from lockout.

If kettlebell is brought down improperly, it will remove much skin from your palm and cause much pain and discomfort.

On the other hand, if brought down properly, kettlebell will keep hands happy and in one piece.

So, how should you bring kettlebell down from lockout in snatch lift so that it does not rip skin off of your hand?

The key to happy hands during kettlebell snatches is proper transition of grip

  • In lockout, lifter’s hand is pushed all the way through kettlebell handle
  • As kettlebell is brought down, grip changes to hook grip (like during kettlebell swings)

So, how should we switch from having hand through kettlebell to hook grip?

  • As the bell is falling down, relax your grip so that as the bell rotates there is 0 (zero) friction between hand and handle
  • ‘Catch’ kettlebell roughly at chest level with hook grip

This way, you will avoid pinching skin by kettlebell handle and minimize friction between handle and hand.

Less friction between kettlebell handle and hand means less blistering and less pain (don’t worry, you will feel pain in other parts of your body).

Here is a demonstration of how this transition should be done:

Enjoy and let me know how it goes.

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About Coach Denis Kanygin: For the last 10 years, Coach Denis has been sharing his kettlebell training knowldege based in GS (Kettlebell Sport) with thousands of people.

Coach Denis is now a Technical and Kettlebell Sport Advisor to IKFF. He was responsible for creating new kettlebell sport rankings for IKFF (see Story of IKFF Sport Rankings). Coach Kanygin is now teaching his kettlebell training methodology based in pure Russian GS training methods coupled with his experience as postural therapist.

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