Kettlebell & Nutrition Workshops at Synergy

All too often people workout either not enough or just too much. I don't really see folks capitalize on the simplicity of training and seem to try to go for what entertains them more than can clearly get them real results. Ultimately you can receive all the needed exercise to produce substantial results directly from a shorter, but more intense, workout than a longer one which certainly must have the intensity scaled back as well since the time is lengthened. Keep something in mind: Intensity Is Everything and Intensity Is Relative. That means keep the intensity that YOU can give to it's highest and focus on keeping your intensity the entire time.

The application of your intensity is what is vital. It is a myth that one needs to burn a certain amount of calories in a given workout to experience results. That is false. To experience results you need to spike your metabolism. How do you do that? You do that by increasing the amount of muscle on your body and you do that by increasing the afterburn of your metabolism through full-body compound movements which work multiple muscle groups all at the same time. This in turn forces the heart to pump more blood through the body to supply the much needed oxygen to the hard working muscles.  The result is that you are setting yourself up within your workout to burn more calories all day long at a higher rate. With the right workout, efficient and intense, you will actually burn at a higher rate for 48 hours post exercise.

We are going to be launching some Synergy Kettlebell & Nutrition Level 1, Level 2 workshops and a separate special Bootcamp style workshop including sandbags, suspension trainers, and more upcoming very soon. These workshops will be on Saturdays held monthly and will be rotating them between our Aurora & St. Charles locations. We will limit these workshops to 6-10 people only, first come, first serve sign up, so that the quality of teaching will be the highest.

These workshops will not be workouts; however will be specific for technique practice as well as learning new pieces of the techniques that we will never teach in regular Kettlebell fitness classes. Those of you who have been here for some time still have A LOT to learn even if you think you might have seen it all. The overall goal of these workshops is to take you and your fitness to the next level.

  • Maybe you've grown stagnate in your training.
  • Maybe you simply need to learn more efficient ways of moving the Kettlebells and your body.
  • Maybe you have an interest in what is beyond mere Kettlebell fitness style training programs.
  • Maybe you want to know more about the next level nutrition that will help guide you to bring your lifestyle to a little bit more healthier one. 
  • Maybe you want to know what will once-and-for-all allow you understand why we believe the way we practice our lifestyle.
  • Maybe you want your friends, who are not Synergy members, to experience Kettlebells for the first time without the fast pace class environment.

If you can answer YES to any of those statements then these workshops will be for you. Cost will be included for all Synergy Kettlebell Training members and $25 for all non-members. We will waive the workshop fee for anyone who attends and then decides to become a Synergy member during the workshop.