Kettlebell Marathon workout theme

 Kettlebell Marathon

THE BASIC IDEA We've had a crazy intense last couple of Synergy themes and with this one we're getting back to the basics. Long timed sets, they're the basic foundation of authentic Kettlebell Training.

PICTURE THIS If you were running a marathon, or even a 5k, you wouldn’t stop at mile 2 or 7 or 19. We would stop when we were finished. Maybe we would slow down, walk a little, jog a bit more, walk some, and then eventually we would cross the finish line. During Kettlebell Marathon the same rules, the same thoughts apply.

These are going to be longer than usual sets and we must maintain the mindset of finishing, whatever it takes.

Kettlebell equals happy

KETTLEBELL MARATHON SET RULES During these sets the rule is to not set the bell down and have only 1 hand switch at the halfway point except beginners may multiple hand switch as needed.

We are going to keep the bell(s) in our hands the entire time and for the entire set!!!

COACHING PERSPECTIVE Each Synergy Kettlebell coach will be your adviser to ensure you have the appropriate bell weight for your set(s). This will ensure a good Kettlebell experience.

MAIN FOCUS Focus on pacing and how we need to work for every single second during our working sets. Every second counts and stopping before the last second is unacceptable to us.

We don't stop when we're tired. We go until we're done no matter how we feel. That's what makes us stronger!

Kettlebells melt fat