Kettlebell Competition Experience Testimonials

This past weekend was awesome! Team Synergy had a blast up in Michigan at the Great Lakes Kettlebell Lifting Competition. We saw A LOT of newbies competing, but also some REALLY green newbies too. There were a few people who have only been practicing kettlebell training for a little over a month. One guy actually got gold in his class. This sport is perfect for every level and I can't wait for the next one.

The competition at the Kettlebell meets aren't like other sports. No one's in your face being a ruthless competitor. In fact it's more like the opposite.

I was talking on Facebook recently with Lisa Shaffer, another Kettlebell Coach, and she mentioned that my clients were gonna be athletes before they know it. I definitely agree with that and have to say that they're ALREADY athletes,

but just don't know it. It's funny she said that because most all of my clients do exactly what is needed for competition time and numbers. Most of them are just nervous of the "C" word. There's nothing to fear cause it's just like another workout in class except in front of new faces.

Everyone at Kettlebell Competitions are so nice and supportive. Most of the people next to you are just chugging along in their own sets, trying to survive, just like you and you don't even know how many reps they have either. So that being said, you go for you. You do the absolute best you can do and whatever happens, happens and you find out when your set ends what the results were.

Here's two of Team Synergy Kettlebell Training members sharing what their experience was at their first Girevoy Sport meet which was the Great Lakes Kettlebell Competition at Turtle Creek Casino in Traverse City, MI. It was a great meet and we had so much fun.

Our results this weekend were pretty good. We all finished our full 10 min. The ladies all competed in Women's Long Cycle. Nadia put up 102 with the 8kg, Shaheen 99 with the 12kg, Lisa put up 91 and only needed 90 w/ 16kg for Rank I. Lisa was going for Rank II which needed 70 reps so she did 21 more than expected and desired. I achieved Men's Long Cycle Rank III by putting up 61 reps and only needing 44 with two 20kg bells.

We had a great time and are looking forward to next month when we do it again. If you want to join us and be part of Team Synergy or just wanna go be a spectactor let me know.