Keeping Eating Simple

A couple folks and I have been talking and curious on some things regarding eating combinations. I was under the impression that it is NOT "fat" and "carbs" that are bad. It it nuts and grains. I'm not entirely sure, but maybe it is the chemical make-up of nuts or of grains that don't agree. If it is something else no one has told that to me and I would really like to know.

I eat cheese every single day and I eat a lot of it. I eat it with grains- mostly only millet, quinoa, and teff. The only time I eat wheat is in Ezekial products. Of course not every day do I eat grains, but maybe one or two times a week at most do I have a "high carb" day.

About half my meal is my salad. I eat about a half a gallon size bowl of about 10 different mixed cut up organic veggies. The base is always about 2 or 3 different lettuces(never iceberg or romaine), tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, celery, red onion, beans(changes daily), seeds(changes daily, but usually sunflower), cucumber, avocado, and peapods.
Also most nights I eat a large bowl of organic full fat plain yogurt with some of the Ezekial cereal as desert. It's good, healthy and I really think the combinations make for great energy the next day.

I believe some "diet experts" get too detailed in how we live. As long as it's clean, simple, and as close to nature as possible then we are doing very well. It is when diets become over-complicated that people give up and/or don't even bother. That's not success.

Ultimately our ancient ancestors never calorie counted, carb stressed, ate non or low fat and were perfectly fine. In most cases they were even healthier than we are today since all the pollutants around us and processed foods.

Keeping it simple and as close to nature as possible is the best way. Just don't stress.