Just A Bunch Of Jerks

Since my boo boo isn't quite healed on my hand yet I've decided that this weekend's workout is all Jerks. One hand or two hand it doesn't really matter as long as my volume is right.

Workout 121208:
3 Min. Jerks @ 2 24kg and 6rpm
This went very well and I'm FINALLY finding a better rest position. The strength is there. The stability is there. My back is actually feeling quite strong, but I'm not gonna tempt it so I don't over do it. My progress is going in the right direction and I'm going to keep it there. There is no rush to my Master of Sport goal. I WILL get there. I have one thing standing in my way- time. I must wait for recovery, increased strength, and for my back. Not a problem. It will all happen in the right timing. All that matters to me is that it happens.
This set felt very good to me and was an improvement from even a couple weeks ago when 1 and 2 minutes of double 24's felt heavy. I actually felt that I could have gone a 4th minute, but again didn't want to chance injury.

3 Min. Jerks @ 2 20kg and 8rpm
This was good too and I could have done more. My energy felt strong.

6 Min. One Arm Jerks (OAJ) @ 20kg and 10rpm x 2 sets
Good set so I did another one right after.

Of course I gave a good couple minutes rest in between. :)