Juicing Made Easy

Juicing has become one of those popular fads that many people want to pursue. Yet many of us don’t juice every day, we either think it is just simply TOO expensive or TOO time consuming. I’ve had people say to me that they’d rather just eat the fruit and vegetables and get all the nutrients and fiber that way instead of juicing for the nutrients and leaving out the fiber through the process. The reason why we should juice and not just eat the fruits and veggies is because in reality there isn’t enough time in the day to eat those nutrient dense foods and take in all those wonderful health benefits!Some of the benefits of juicing are: - Powerful antioxidants, enzymes, and phytonutrients (improves digestion and keeps the immune system strong) - Helps balance hormones - Increases Energy (I 100% swear by this benefit!) - Balances skin conditions

image (4) Now, let’s talk about the money question when it comes to juicing. Juicers can range from $50-$500 depending on different brands. I suggest taking a look on Amazon and seeing what you can afford, my juicer was 99$ and it works like a charm! The last few tips I have for you to get started with juicing and getting the most out of your money and time is this: 1) Buy vegetables and fruit in bulk at Sams or Costco. Don’t worry about the food going to waste, you will juice it all before it can go bad, trust me!

2) Tie a bag around the shoot where the pulps comes out of. If you have a bin under the shoot then line the bin with a bag to make for easy cleanup. Once you’re done juicing either save your pulp for baking purposes or tie that baggie up and toss it out.

3) Clean, cut, and organize your produce before you start juicing.

4) Always juice your greens first! Sometimes the leafy vegetables can get stuck in the juicing blades, do those first and then juice your fruit so it helps move along the vegetable juicing process.

5) Take skins of certain citrus fruits such as oranges, and lemons. The skin can give a bitter taste that doesn’t appeal to a lot of taste buds.

6) Fresh juice can last for about 24 hours, so store in a mason jar or tight juice container and make 2 days’ worth of juice at a time!!

7) Have water and soaps ready to throw your juicer in when you are done and a drying rack to hang everything from once cleaned.

My advice is that if you’ve never juiced before go slow you’re first time and don’t overdo it with your vegetables. Choose some leafy greens that you know you can handle the taste of and then add at least two different fruits to sweeten it up. An idea of what I would suggest juicing for your first time would be: 2-3 kale leaves, 1 handful of spinach, ½ an apple, 1 small orange. From there branch out and try adding in different ingredients and see what is attractive to your taste buds, everyone is different.

Drink up!


Best of Luck