Jerk Day- 101308

101208(yesterday) was a long hike up Camelback Mountain in Phoenix/Paradise Valley.

Today was Jerk Day-

Since I was busy pretty much the hole work day I had to make my Kettlebell practice as intense as I can.

10 Min. Double Jerk Set @ 16kg

I maintained a 5-8 rpm pace since this has been my first 10 min. Jerk set for almost 2 months. I wanted to take it easy. The only issue I faced was my forearm were painful, but I know that will subside in another couple workouts. My cardio felt great, my legs good, and shoulders endured just fine too.

Recovery Stretch @ 15 min.

This was a very good workout especially after my hike yesterday at Camelback for a couple hours. If you ever want a good leg hike after a prior day of a great overall workout that would be it.